Why are risk assessments in forensic mental health important?

About risk assessment in forensic mental health

Risk assessments in forensic mental health have become increasingly sought by the Courts and other agencies in recent decades. Often, such assessments will incorporate evidence-based tools in order to understand and identify the level of risk posed by persons with a history of problematic behaviours, such as violence.

Contemporary risk assessments in forensic mental health ideally combine the use of validated risk assessment tools with expert professional judgment. Risk assessments may assist in reducing the likelihood of future criminal behaviour by helping to inform individualised treatment plans.

How can someone get a forensic psychiatric risk assessment?

Experienced forensic psychiatrists have appropriate training in evidence-based methods of assessing risk of offending. By conducting a thorough assessment of the individual, in conjunction with consideration of collateral materials, they can produce detailed risk assessments for consideration by the Courts or other relevant bodies.

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