What is a ‘psychiatric injury’?

Understanding psychiatric injury

‘Psychiatric injury’ refers to a mental condition for which the sufferer claims compensation at law. Commonly, such injuries are claimed to have arisen as a result of factors in the workplace or as a result of a road traffic accident. Precise definitions of what constitutes an ‘injury’ and thresholds for eligibility for compensation at law vary depending on jurisdiction.

An experienced forensic psychiatrist can provide a comprehensive and thorough opinion regarding the presence of, and degree of impairment related to, a psychiatric injury.

What are psychiatric impairment assessments?

Psychiatric impairment assessments are performed by psychiatrists – medical professionals with special expertise in mental disorders. Impairment assessments involve the use of specific assessment tools approved in the relevant legislation.

With something as important as assessing psychiatric injury and related psychiatric impairment, it is important to find an expert with the appropriate skills and experience. An experienced and skilled forensic psychiatrist will ensure a thorough and complete assessment is carried out.

Dr Carroll at The Psychiatry Expert is an experienced forensic psychiatrist.  He is a registered ‘Independent Medical Examiner’ with the TAC and a Member of Medical Panels (Victoria). He accepts referrals from legal practitioners representing persons who report having suffered a psychiatric injury.

If you are interested in arranging an assessment by Dr Carroll, you can reach out via phone at (03) 8592 7959 or by email at info@thepsychiatryexpert.com.