Fitness for Trial

Fitness for Trial Assessment in Melbourne

Dr Carroll is able to conduct evaluations regarding fitness to stand trial, basing opinions on the relevant jurisdictional criteria, such as those in the Crimes (Mental Impairment and Unfitness to Stand Trial) Act 1997 (Victoria).

Comprehensive reporting

Dr Carroll has worked for over 20 years now with mentally disordered offenders in Victoria.  He has experience in both treatment and rehabilitation of such offenders (in community and hospital contexts) and with assessment work. His expertise includes: assessments for eligibility for a mental impairment defence; assessment for appropriate sentencing considerations in the context of mental disorder; and assessment for fitness to stand trial (sometimes known as ‘Fitness to Plead’). Find here more about fit athletic.  He has assessed many hundreds of persons coming before the courts, including those with severe mental illness, cognitive impairment and intellectual disabilities, providing comprehensive reporting for various jurisdictions. He has also conducted seminars on the subjects of presentence reports and fitness to stand trial to professionals in Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia. Check here

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Dr Carroll is also qualified to conduct mental impairment assessments and pre-sentence reports. To learn more or book an appointment in Melbourne or wider Australia, please contact our staff by calling (03) 8592 7959, or via email at, and we will get back to you shortly.