Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Dr Carroll located?

His rooms are located at Level 7, 24 Collins Street, Melbourne.

Does Dr Carroll see clients via videolink?

Yes – by Skype (community) or Jabber (prison)

How soon can Dr Carroll send a report?

Generally within two weeks of the appointment date. Much faster turnarounds can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

How much do assessment reports cost?

Prior to finalizing an appointment, Dr Carroll will send a comprehensive Fee Agreement and cost estimate including a maximum ‘capped’ cost.

Can Dr Carroll assess interstate clients?

This is possible in some cases, but requires prior discussion. Dr Carroll is not able to attend court or see clients in person outside Victoria, but is able to conduct assessments and provide evidence via videolink on a case-by-case basis.

Does Dr Carroll do Legal Aid work?

Yes, he has some available appointments for certain kinds of Legal Aid work.

Does Dr Carroll carry out treatment work?

Only in his role as a prison psychiatrist; not in the community.

Can I refer myself or a relative to Dr Carroll?

No. All referrals must be made by a lawyer or a statutory agency (such as DHHS or the OPP).

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