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Forensic Psychiatric Assessments in Australia


About forensic psychiatry

The term ‘forensic’ in English is derived from the Latin word ‘forensis’ – meaning “of the forum”. In Ancient Rome, the ‘forum’ was the place within the city where disputes were resolved. A forensic psychiatrist can play an important role in assisting a Court or Tribunal to settle a dispute that may be related to a mental disorder, by way of a forensic psychiatric assessment.

What is a forensic psychiatrist?

There is additional education required to become a forensic psychiatrist, so a forensic psychiatrist is a psychiatrist who has completed subspecialty training. Forensic training gives psychiatrists the ability to understand the distinction between usual therapeutic roles and the forensic or occupational expert role. It also equips the forensic psychiatrist with particular skills in assessment, formulation, and communication of expert opinions in medicolegal contexts.

An experienced Melbourne professional performing forensic psychiatric assessments

Dr Carroll carried out his training in forensic psychiatry in the UK and in Melbourne, Australia.  He believes that independence and objectivity in forensic psychiatry can best be achieved by making a clear distinction between the role of a treating psychiatrist and that of an assessing forensic psychiatrist.

He does not give medicolegal opinions on patients whom he treats and draws a clear distinction between treating doctors’ reports and forensic reports.  He believes that this distinction is necessary in order to best assist the trier of fact (Court or Tribunal) with respect to the issues at hand. In this way, forensic psychiatric reports can be of most value to Courts and Tribunals and in turn to the referring party. A clear track record of objectivity and frank and fearless opinion, irrespective of the retaining party, is crucial to maintaining the value of forensic psychiatrists’ opinions.

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If you wish to discuss a possible referral, Dr Carroll is readily available for a telephone discussion. For more information or to request an assessment appointment in Melbourne, please contact our staff by calling (03) 8592 7959, or via email at info@thepsychiatryexpert.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Dr Carroll is available to conduct assessments in a range of areas including mental impairment assessments, fitness to stand trial assessments, presentence reports, psychiatric impairment assessments and occupational psychiatry assessments (such as fitness to return to work).



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